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Carroll Bradford Lawn & Pest offers the best termite treatment services throughout Orlando, FL. It's important to keep your home protected from the costly damage that Subterranean Termites can wreak to your home. Our Termite Technicians have years of field experience in identifying signs of active Termite colonies, and past Termite damages after a Termite swarm is discovered. Be proactive in inspecting and protecting your home with a partner you trust. During our initial inspection, we look for:

  • Mud tubes running up from the base of your home
  • Termite excrement
  • Damaged wood with Termite Channels
  • Termite components including wings
  • Small holes in wood flooring
  • Live Termites actively damaging your home

Our Termite prevention services include at least 1 home inspection per year. We prevent Termites from coming into your home through a few different techniqies including Termite trenching around you home, installing Trelona© Annual Bait Stations in strategic areas surrounding your home, and if required, drilling small homes into your slab driveway or patio to inject Termiticide/Insecticide for a full, and complete barrier.

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We are a proud Termidor© Termiticide/Intesticide partner.

Termite Protection In Orlando For Your Home

There are 3 primary types of Termites: Dampwood, Drywood, and Subterranean. All 3 types of Termites can be found throughout Orlando, FL, so it is critical to defend your structure before it is too late. Dampwood Termites are not typically found in man made structures where moisture is not present. Drywood Termites generate small colonies, and tend to cause less damage due to their small colony size. Subterranean Termites form large colonies capable of eating wood quickly, so it is important to act quickly should they be found by your inspector.

How To Determine If Termites Are Present

If your home is not protected against termites, there are a few tell-tale signs that Termites are present. Should you decide not to protect your home, it is important to stay hyper-aware of them. The first sign is a Termite Swarm. A Termite swarm occurs when the colony is ready to search for a new location due to a wide variety of conditions. You will either see the swarm in action, or find Termite wings near windows where an abundance of light is present. The second sign is to be on the lookout for Mud Tubes traveling up the base of your home. Subterranean Termites need optimal conditions to survive, and the Mud Tubes provide them. Lastly, hollowed out or damaged wood in your attic or floor baseboards can be a sign that a colony is either present or has already done significant damage before swarming.


A: There are a number of ways to know if your home has termites. Below are just a few:

1. Small holes in your wood floors.

2. Discolored or soft sheet rock.

3. Insect wings around your baseboards.

A: While DIY treatment is possible, it is always recommended that a professional inspect for current or past Termite presence. From there, an appropriate plan of action can be formulated to eliminate or prevent Termites from damaging your home.

A: The form of Termite Treatment is subject to a wide variety of factors to be determined at your initial inspection. We leverage Termidor© Termiticide/Intesticide and Trelona© Annual Bait Stations.

A: Yes, Termites can come back after your home is treated. But don't worry, we offer a No-Termite Gurantee when you sign up for our Annual Termite service to prevent future infestations.

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